Article by Ally Brett November 16th, 2023

3 reasons the future of AI may not be as scary as it seems

What does the future hold for the jobs market with the increasing use and inteligence of AI? We delve into our take on the future of AI in the South West.

The recent conference between Rishi Sunak and Elon Musk hit the headlines as it talked about what our world could look like as AI becomes more normalised in our everyday lives.

They spoke of the future potential, but also the dangers of AI and things we need to be aware of.


  1. AI will provide a lot of new job opportunities.

    In the same way the internet, and then social media, revolutionised the way we communicate, AI will create new jobs in communication, engineering, development and more that we can’t begin to imagine yet.

    We are already helping businesses scale their businesses for the future with hires in Engineering, Data Cabling, Electrical Development and more.


  1. To help prepare for the future of AI, there will be investment from businesses to upskill and train employees to future-proof their business.

    With an increasing skills gap causing a disparity between available roles and available candidates, now could be the perfect time to look at expanding your skillset.


  1. AI can help automate frustrating areas of many jobs that take up employee time but don’t add value to the business.

    This could lead to better output of work, along with happier employees doing jobs they love to do, rather than they have to.


With any new change and evolution of technology, we can be cautious by nature. But there is plenty of reason to be optimistic and excited for what the future could hold for us. It’s certainly going to be an interesting few years ahead for the tech sector across the South West.

Article by Ally Brett

November 16th, 2023

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